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Business Consultant / Int. Trade Consultant:

I am an experienced business mentor and consultant connected with Micromentor, where I have provided guidance to over 2,000 businesses. My passion for helping others succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors drives me to offer valuable insights and strategies.

As a Mentor I’m already connected with Micro Mentor – world’s largest community of entrepreneurs and  business mentors.

If you’re interested in connecting and exploring opportunities to collaborate or seeking advice in any of the areas I specialize in, please feel free to reach out. Let’s work together to achieve your business goals and create a brighter future.

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Entrepreneurial Ventures

The endless journey...


As the founder of hastecart.com, I created an e-commerce platform that provided customers with a seamless shopping experience. This venture allowed me to delve into the world of online business and digital marketing.


embarked on a journey with Indiaart, exploring the intersection of art and commerce. This project enabled me to engage with the artistic community and foster creativity.

Society of Automotive Engineers of India (S.A.E-India): 

In 2012, I initiated the establishment of S.A.E-India, a social platform dedicated to automotive enthusiasts. This platform aimed to connect like-minded individuals, share knowledge, and promote innovation in the automotive sector.


As the former founder and owner of 3cares.com, I ventured into a space that focused on providing care-related services. This experience allowed me to diversify my entrepreneurial portfolio.

International Mongers: 

Currently, I am the proud owner and founder of International Mongers, a venture dedicated to manufacturing and exporting decorative dry flowers. Our commitment to quality and sustainability has made us a reputable name in the industry.

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Professional Background & Expertise

Partner with me in your next height of success

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Import-Export Specialist

My experience in import-export operations has allowed me to navigate the complex world of international trade. This expertise has been invaluable in my current venture, International Mongers, where we focus on manufacturing and exporting decorative dry flowers.

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Business Development Strategist

I thrive on identifying opportunities for business growth and have a proven track record in developing successful business strategies. My insights into market trends and customer needs have helped businesses flourish.

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Business Administration & Management Expert

Efficient management and administration are crucial for any business’s success. My expertise in this area has been instrumental in the smooth operation of my ventures.

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E-commerce Specialist

I’m proud to have founded and managed hastecart.com, an e-commerce platform that catered to a diverse range of customers. This project allowed me to combine my technical knowledge with my entrepreneurial spirit.

Technical Support

IT Specialist

My proficiency in information technology complements my diverse skill set. I have a keen understanding of IT systems, software, Website development and infrastructure, which has been pivotal in optimizing business operations.


Business Coach / Mentor

As a business coach, I am dedicated to helping individuals and businesses reach their full potential. My experience in various fields allows me to provide valuable guidance and mentorship to those looking to enhance their entrepreneurial skills and achieve their goals.

Most of my clients are from...

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28, Ghola Rd, Udita Appt, Belgharia, Kolkata - 700 056 , W.B, India

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+91 70031 92092

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